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Anonymous Writer, Cancer cured after 29years

Dear Prophet,

I have been attacked by the decease of CANCER for 29 years, I went to Masana hospital in 1988 to remove it only to find that in 2010 it comes back. I was admitted again in Rob Ferreira Hospital in November 2011 , then in April 2013 I was admitted in Steve Biko Hospital, the doctors failed to treat the problem . One of my member in my church by the name of Ntsakisi Chabangu and her mother prayed with me and she introduced me to Prophet Goitse. The Prophet came and prayed for me. The CANCER is dead, I am healed. I am discharged from hospital. Praise God.

Anonymous Writer, Kenya

Dear Prophet of God,

Thank you for allowing God to use you minister to us. I came with the prophetic convention you held in our church (The New Anointing Church) in Nairobi, Kenya. I told you about my nephew who always had a liver problem. We went to many hospitals to him treated and eventually the liver failed. You prayed for him and the same week after you travelled we took him the doctor for another scan, what the doctor described as a miracle has happened to my nephew, Prophet, A brand new liver appeared on his body!

I thank Jehovah Rophe for His healing virtue. We as the family would love to also thank you for committing yourself to God, May you live long man of God...

Anonymous Writer, South Africa. Heart Problem Cured.

Dear Prophet

I want to thank God for your life and for showing Himself true and supernatural through your life. When Jesus knocked at the door of your heart you said yes and chose to be truly crucified with Him for His works. I bless the Lord for using you in a great way. Ever since 2005 I have been having some heart failure and severe migraines . At that time I used to ignore the pains and will just drink aspirin to make self feel better. Just to make the story not too long. I was admitted to the hospital in 2009 when my heart stopped beating for few minutes and they gave me medication and said should come back for check up because they had said my heart has some murmur and not normal. when I got born again 2009 march a lot of things started changing. The Lord Jesus started destroying the power of darkness in me.

2010 when I met you, you prayed for me and the Lord took away the migraines for Good. Even today as I speak Jesus is still Jehova rapha in my life. About 2 weeks during prayer on wednesday God showed you a lot about my life and family. He spoke to you that the devil is trying to kill me by a heart attack and that my heart stops sometimes, and you said that God is gonna operate my heart and give me a new heart. During prayer I felt a hand of fire touching me and doing some operation. I want to testify that Doctor Jesus gave me a new heart and ever since that day, I feel free and light. I have to say that I have seen miracle, signs and wonders and experiencing the power of God, however I am still shocked by His miracles and great love Jesus has for His own. It is really a new heart I have and glory be to the Living Word that set among man. I thank God for His faithfulness and the power of His Word, that He word is yes and Amen. God is indeed not a man that he should lie, nor a Son of Man that He should repent. He has done all that is in His Word; Isaiah 53:4-5, Malachi 4:2, Luke 4:18-19. God is indeed our healer and a consuming fire that melts down any sickness and evil works, saviour, redeemer, restorer and bread of life. Its only in Jesus that we live, move and have our being. I thank Jesus for His Supernatural power that is made manifest and for His anointing that is upon your life Prophet. May God continue to use you to set the captive free, to draw the lost to Jesus Christ Himself and May His glory shine upon and His Fire burn and never die. Jesus Christ is Lord. 

Anonymous Writer, Kenya

Dear Prophet Goitse,

I want to thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God and yielding to His Spirit as young as you are. I truly admire you. I thank The Almighty God for choosing a vessel like you, I praise His holy Name. When you came to The New Anointing Church in Kenya, we we so blessed by your ministry indeed...

To cut a long story short, it was Sunday service when you were ministering, I was sitting with my sister who always been suicidal and kept on complaining about the snake she sees in her bedroom. We were on the overflow when you came to us, you looked at me and said 'my dear I see the glory of God on you' and you asked who is next to me, I told you it's my sister. You then said "I see a big python around her waste, it is green in color. It keep coming to her room even when she is sleeping she feels it around her and the python wants her to commit suicide"

I was trembling to hear such words, as if you were living with us, how you can know the depth of the problem my sister is going through, tears of joy was just streaming down my face as you prophesied because I know once God has raveled it THE DELIVERANCE HAS COME! At the same while you were prophesying my sister next to me started to move like a snake on the floor towards the stage, she got up and tried to run out of the church, the demon in her even confessed that it has killed many people including people in our church using her, the demon also mention the death of my family member last year was organized by demonic army.

You stretched forth your hand and released the Fire of The Holy Ghost on her, within a second she was struck down flat, instantly the python and other demons left. You the then said SHE IS FREE! It knew it was done. Glory be to God.

She tells me everyday how she wish you were permanently staying here with us, Prophet, please come again to Kenya, we love you and need you in our nation. May God bless you and your wife.

Anonymous Writer, Kenya

Dear Prophet,

We bless the Lord for your life and Him bringing you to our nation, Kenya...

In one of the prophetic nights after the service I spoke to you and told you about my sister who is mad, she was working in Abu Dhabi (Dubai) when started getting mad. She was deported back home to Kenya by immigration and lived here in Kenya with us. As mad as she was, she got raped, carried the baby for nine months and eventual gave births baby girl, of course not knowing who the father is...

Three years later after the baby is moving around, is when you came to our church in Nairobi for many days and nights of miracles, signs and wonders that The Lord wrought through you. My family and I brought my mad sister to one night, as you were preaching you went directly to her and commanded the demon of madness to go. Immediately she turned around 7 times uncontrollably and she fell down. You the held her by her hand and asked her where she was, amazingly she realized that she is in church, she started realizing the family members...the most touching part is when we brought her three year old baby to meet her mother, for the very first time in her senses to see that she even had a baby,,,she cried...

We thank God for marvelous things he has done for our family, even the following day she still came to the church, she was dancing and worshiping The Lord with us.

Here in Kenya we are in love with The Prophetic Ministry Office that God has given you son, May He take you to where natural mind will not take you!

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